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2012-2013 School Year | Click on the photos below for the galleries.
Principal Bruner Coolidge first day Constitution Day Rachel's Challenge
Meet the Principal 2012 First Day of School Constitution Day Rachel's Challenge @ FMS
Coolidge Count Day Dance Author Bryan Chick Coolidge Honors Night Coolidge Skydome
2012 Count Day Dance

Ferndale Education Foundation Visiting Author Bryan Chick

January 2013 Coolidge Honors Night 2013 Skydome Assembly
Youth Dialogue Day Camp Copneconic Ruth Tavalier Talent Show Rehearsals
2013 Youth Dialogue Day 2013 Camp Copneconic 2013 Teacher of the Year 2013 Talent Show Rehearsals
Green Bean Club Coolidge Press    
Green Bean Club 2013 Coolidge Press    
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